Welcome to the Public Works Department!

Administrative Offices: 
2525 West 1st Street
Loveland, CO 80537
Phone: (970) 962-2524
Fax: (970) 962-2908

The Public Works Department provides planning, design, construction and maintenance services for the general public and the City of Loveland’s internal operations. Use of the City facilities for meetings and special events is scheduled, coordinated and supported by Public Works. Management, maintenance, and administration and purchasing of all City vehicles and equipment is included in the department responsibilities. 

Public services provided by the department include: transportation system design; street construction management and inspection; pavement management; traffic engineering and the installation, operation and maintenance for all traffic signals, signs and pavement markings; Stormwater collection system design and maintenance; street maintenance and repair; snow and ice removal; fixed route and paratransit bus services; solid waste management and recycling and mosquito control.

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The Year Ahead

Taft Bridge Replacement

Taft Avenue Bridge Replacement
Estimated Cost: $1.8 Million,

The City of Loveland has master planned a long range, phased project to widen North Taft Avenue from West First Street, northward across Hwy 34, culminating at Westshore Drive. Phase one of this project was completed from 1st Street to Gard Place in 2005. Due to the recession and the emergence of other, more pressing transportation needs, it became necessary to delay Phase 2 of the widening project beyond the 10-year capital plan. This bridge replacement project is a portion of the delayed Phase 2 widening project.


Big Thompson River over Taft Avenue

Big Thompson River Master Plan

Estimated Cost: $249,700

Grant-funded Big Thompson River Master Plan will deliver a multi-objective master plan for the 9.1 miles of river that runs through the City of Loveland.


Floodplain Master Plan

Estimated Cost: $ 550,000

Stormwater staff is working with a consultant to develop a detailed multi-objective master plan for the Big Thompson River corridor through Loveland. This plan will help capture the long term vision for the river corridor and recommend a process on how to bring the vision to fruition. Incorporated within that vision will be considerations for infrastructure protection, resiliency against future floods, flood hazard reduction and mitigation, improved recreation opportunities, ecological and natural areas restoration, and land use planning in accordance with other City planning efforts.

Railroad Avenue
Estimated Cost: $ 3.3 Million

In 2017 the final flood street reconstruction project will begin. Staff worked with CDOT, Larimer County and FEMA to create a design that will enhance the resilience of the road to a level of a 50 year flood instead of the 10 year level it’s currently rated.